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Largest Hybrid Archimedean screws in the world!

3 hybrid Archimedean screws, each weighing 95 tonnes and measuring 30 metres in length and a diameter of 5m x 5m.  In dry periods, the screws in pump mode can pump up together 15 m³/s over a head of more than 11 metres using an installed power of 2.4 MW.  This allows to avoid draught restrictions for shipping on the Albert canal during dry periods.

In wet periods, the pumps in turbine mode can drain together 15 m³/s over a drop height of 10 m. and thereby generate 1,2 MW of green energy.

Switching between pump mode and turbine mode is done by means of a hydraulically controlled jacket valve.

  • 2400 Kwh
  • infrastructure
  • environmentally friendly
  • fish-friendly


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