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Veurne, Belgium

The Ringsloot is connected to the Dunkirk-Veurne-Nieuwport Canal via the Speievaart and a new fish-friendly 2.5m³/s screw pump station.

The pumping station is equipped with 2 tube mantled screw pumps, each of which can pump a flow of 1.25 m³/s over a head of 3.5 m. 
Tube mantled screw pumps are screw pumps with a stainless steel jacket that fits nicely to the outer contour of the blades and thus rotates with the screw. This eliminates the leakage gap between the rotating screw body and the trough, which together with a few other fish-friendly modifications, makes tube mantled screws extremely fish-friendly. Tube mantled screw pumps usually also have a higher efficiency than classic screw pumps. 

In the meantime Vandezande has carried out a great deal of research and development on this innovative tube mantled screw technology and aims to respond to the demand for energy-optimised and fish-friendly solutions for pumping stations.


  • 150 Kwh
  • environmentally friendly
  • fish-friendly


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