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Mechanical equipment

Vandezande is often active in supplying or renewing electromechanical equipment for all kinds of government contracts within the scope of the following applications:

Road bridges: mechanic al or hydraulic drive for the movement and the locking mechanisms of the bridge

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  • Ref. Plassendale Jaagbrug – Ostend
  • Ref. Straussbrug – Zeebrugge
  • Ref. Zennegatbrug – Mechelen
  • Ref. Zandvoordebrug – Oudenburg
  • Ref. Zeebergbrug – Aalst
  • Ref. St-Annabrug – Aalst
  • Ref. Bridge N°11 – Brecht
  • Lock equipment: mechanical or hydraulic drive for mitre gates, door gates, wall gates and weir gates:

  • Ref. Evergem lock
  • Ref. Vancauwelaert lock – Antwerp
  • Ref. Lock for pusher boats on the Albert Canal
  • Ref. Locks on the Canal Leuven Dijle
  • Ref. Ypres lock – Nieuwpoort
  • ...

Environmentally conscious infrastructure

Vandezande’s activities all fit within the scope of working on an environmentally conscious infrastructure.  The construction of new locks to take transport off the road and group it in the form of shipping transport in order to further...

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