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Since 70% of Vandezande’s realizations are integrated into canals or natural watercourses, the fish-friendly aspect is of major importance.  During the design, throughout the construction and start-up, the utmost account is taken of the fish-friendly character.  A mortality rate of 0% is pursued for all installations.  For example, Vandezande's screw pumps and hydropower screws have already been extensively tested in various countries for fish-friendliness throughout the different seasons and for different fish species and bottom-dwelling animals where a 0% mortality has been demonstrated.

Environmentally conscious infrastructure

Vandezande’s activities all fit within the scope of working on an environmentally conscious infrastructure.  The construction of new locks to take transport off the road and group it in the form of shipping transport in order to further reduce CO2 emissions, the control of water levels and the sensible use of water by means of weirs and screw pumps and the optimisation of road traffic on canals and rivers with movable traffic bridges thus reducing traffic jams are all part of the development of an environmentally conscious infrastructure.

Environmentally conscious energy

The showpiece of Vandezande in the context of environmentally conscious energy is of course the hydropower screws delivering green energy with a high efficiency, high reliability, maximum availability and a long lifespan.  In addition, Vandezande takes the utmost account of energy-efficient drives and sustainable materials in the design of all its installations.


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